Welcome to Be A Princess!

Guests are pampered like a princess  by the talented staff of The Movement Workshop!

Your magical party experience begins by signing in as our special guest in the Princess registry and taking a look at your party goodies on the Royal Confectionery Table.



Each princess guest will begin her “Royal Spoil” in the Palace Dressing Room. Here you will choose your princess party gown or dress in your favorite gown you brought from home.  Next choose your princess tiara and be seated to have it placed in your hair with extra glitter, of course! Then, you will have your nails painted with a color from our Pretty Polish Collection.





After you have been Royally Spoiled, you will find a seat in the Diamonds Dining Room to be served party sweets by the Palace Staff. Once you’ve had your fill of sweets, the Party Princess will be taken to her throne to open gifts. As a special treat, each guest will pick the Party Princess a flower for her keepsake bouquet.


The palace staff will bid you farewell and hope that you spread the news and come back soon!







Party cost is $20.00 per princess. 
Parties should be booked for 6 or more guests two weeks in advance.

Enjoy your experience!